MGM Resorts

  • Researched and presented MGM Resorts branded experiences for watchOS and iOS.
  • Prototyped iOS Clips for customer and host check-in experiences.
  • Advised on best practices for integrating Swift and Flutter codebases.


  • Created a Swift framework to wrap the Pinwheel Javascript SDK and API.
  • Included framework and demo app tests with hourly integrations that notify company Slack channels.
  • Developed scripts to package the private repo Xcode project into public Carthage and Cocoapods repos.

“Christoph has a very high bar for code quality and demonstrates this by implementing clean and comprehensible design patterns and architecture. He can break down complex projects into smaller concise milestones and consistently deliver upon those timelines. I would certainly work with Christoph again and trust him to spearhead any iOS project.”

Anish Basu, CTO & Co-founder, Underdog Technologies Inc.

Luxe by Volvo

  • Developed re-usable special FX widgets for blurring and iridescence.
  • Reworked existing analytics stack into a type-safe, consistent framework delivering events to Google Firebase and Data Studio.
  • Set up Xcode server and bots with UI, API, and unit tests, including a complete sign-up flow.
  • Helped establish and document best practices for phone screens, interviews, source control flow, and more.


  • Sourced three potential consulting firms to help the founder deliver an MVP.
  • Advised on iOS best practices for a ReactNative codebase.


  • Replaced the webview OAuth login flow with native view controllers, including a force logout mechanism.
  • Replaced the outdated network stack with URLSession and JSON models with Codable.
  • Added an Xcode UI tests to exercise continuous track playback.
  • Cleaned up code, project file, and assets to be more maintanable.


  • Lead new iOS hires and external contractors through FCS feature development and daily bug triages.
  • Enforced a mobile architecture that empowered fellow developers and removed redundant code.
  • Established base of iOS unit and integration tests, including Xcode Server bots.
  • Built Looker and Kibana dashboards to track user behaviour, debug reported issues, and discover potential issues.
  • Replaced bloated GIF animations with clean, re-usable CoreAnimation widgets.
  • Championed iOS Accessibility compliance and implementation, culminating with a blind-folded demo to the entire company.


  • Recommended practices and explained concepts of an effective git workflow (rebasing, merging, branching) for their growing team.
  • Made suggestions for moving app architecture away from storyboards to independent and more maintainable XIB based controllers.

“Christoph had timely and relevant advice that took into account not only our technical challenges, but our business concerns as well. I'd recommend him to anyone looking effective and pragmatic iOS consulting.”

Joshua Ziering, Founder,


  • Established app architecture and "manager" design pattern for modularity and re-use.
  • Project managed an external contract engineering team tasked with developing a new UX.
  • Provided guidance on QA and integration testing (via a headless client driven by Xcode Server).
  • Added interactivity and animations to a mostly static visual design.
  • Reduced line count and cyclomatic complexity of the main controller by 50%.
  • Split the monolithic storyboard into multiple view controllers for a growing team.
  • Helped interview senior iOS engineers to expand the team.
  • Skunkworked the Apple Watch side project.

“Christoph's skillset extends far beyond his exceptional engineering prowess. His ability to communicate clearly and effectively across multiple organizations made him an invaluable asset at Luxe. He was able to distill complicated asks into simple pieces, and always found a way to make things possible when others would have said "no." Christoph led by example, and provided mentorship to a young Product and Engineering organization.”

Phil Jen, Product Manager, Luxe Inc.


  • Xcode server configuration + bots for sanity, nightly and App Store builds.
  • Junior engineer mentoring: making a good engineer a great iOS engineer.
  • Process for tracking code changes that turn into TestFlight email notes
  • Two-way messaging architecture via push notifications
  • Translated a visual design with very subtle user interactions into easily traceable code (including test cases)


  • Took over existing codebase and prepared for App Store submission.
  • Worked through several App Store rejections by refining features until approval.
  • Added additional UI per artist’s requests.

“Christoph was able to develop and create the vision of the artist and give directions and communicate the progress along the way to keep everyone on the same page and allow a quick build.”

Shannon R., Project Manager, SpinArt, LLC


  • Weekly crash rate went from 2% to 0.33%.
  • Added beauty and delight with custom components, animations and transitions.
  • Slow content loading became fast with revamped network requests and caching.

“Christoph strikes the perfect balance between knowing how things should be built and making sure the product is as close to the way the stakeholders of the project envisioned.”

Salil, iOS Team Lead, Offline Labs, Inc.


  • Simple and clean codebase to meet Kickstarter and App Store deadlines.
  • Dark visual design tuned for on-stage (and low light) use.

“Christoph has a strong sense of design, both visually and architecturally. His experience with iOS is unmatched by any of the other developers I've worked with.”

Tyler, Founder, DrumPants, Inc.

Hot 5

  • Visual FX including translucent menus (without using UIToolbar).
  • Surgical bug fixes in preparation for an immediate release.

Additional Projects

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Ink
Adobe Lava
Adobe Nav
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Revel
Coral Racer


Hermiteer, LLC is owned and operated by Christoph in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has over 20 years of experience in the software industry, working on network protocols, application architecture and animations. He works tirelessly with clients to achieve excellence in iOS application design, architecture and quality assurance.

"If you can imagine it, then I can make it.
If you can't imagine it, I can still make it."